Network map of civil society climate adaptation projects in Vanuatu

This is a network map of climate adaptation projects in Vanuatu in 2016. Click or hover over an organization or activity to see connections. The Vanuatu Climate Adaptation Network (VCAN) is facilitated by Oxfam - if you have knowledge about projects and organizations to add to the map, please share it with priscillas @ oxfampacific . org , then Priscilla will share it with me to update too. We are also working with Vanuatu’s National Advisory Board on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction to share information.

This page requires HTML5 canvas and JavaScript.

The code for this infographic is adapted from Zack Grossbart's HBORecycling project on GitHub, which was based on a visualization by Craig Robinson. I've previously adapted it to map knowledge about barriers to indigenous media participation in Asia and international forest laws. It's made with PaperJS, underscore.js, and a little JQuery.