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Infographic of REDD+ and related international laws

This visualisation provides a list of countries participating in REDD+ and identifies the forestry-related international agreements and declarations which they have ratified or accepted. REDD+ refers to “reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation”, which is supported by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

This page requires HTML5 canvas and JavaScript. It also doesn't load if you have HTTPS Everywhere turned on for GitHub Pages.

Included countries are either involved in UN-REDD or the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility. The dataset used for the infographic is on Figshare. It is based on information provided by the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES), the International Labour Organization (ILO), the CBD Nagoya Protocol and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP). The visualisation was developed with Margaret Young at Melbourne Law School, who is interested in the interactions between international laws.

A journalist wrote an article about this infographic in Spanish which you can read / puedes leer . If you write about it in another language, please let me know :)

This infographic is made with PaperJS, underscore.js, and a little JQuery.

This was created by Cobi Smith, remixed from a fun visualization by Zack Grossbart, which was based on a visualization by Craig Robinson.

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